Sports Media Courses

CameraThe Oklahoma State Sports Media program continually adds new courses and/or offers special-topics courses to better prepare our majors for the perpetually-changing, multimedia sports media field.

In addition, most of our majors take many sports-focused courses in fields like business, economics and the social sciences as electives or as a minor. Below are catalog descriptions for regularly-offered courses within the OSU Sports Media program.


SPM 2843 
Sports and the Media. Prerequisite(s): Departmental majors only. The introductory course for sports media majors. Sports is a major industry in the United States today, and this course is designed to study that industry and the opportunities for and responsibilities of the journalists who cover it. Topics covered include the evolution of the sports media, sports media relations, ethics and the sports media, racial and gender issues in sports and the media, and multimedia sports journalism in the 21st century.

SPM 3500
 Sports Media Internship. 1-3 credits, max 6. Prerequisite(s): MMJ 3263 and 3153 or SC 3353 and 3753 with a grade of "C" or better and consent of instructor; and a minimum grade of 70 on the Language Exam. Internship practice for qualified sports media students who wish creative communications experience beyond that available in the classroom.

SPM 3783 
Sports Public Relations. Prerequisite(s): 2843 and MC 2003 and MC 2023 and SC 2183 with a grade of "C" or better in each; and a minimum grade of 70 on the Language Exam. Provides an overview and introduction to the practice of public relations within the sport industry. The primary focus of the course is on the role of public relations in all aspects of sport, fundamentals of sport publicity and promotional campaigns.

SPM 3813 
Sports Reporting Across the Media. Lab 2. Prerequisite(s): MC 2003 and 2023 with a grade of "C" or higher in both; and a minimum grade of 70 on the Language Exam. This course provides an introductory reporting course specifically for aspiring professionals of major sectors of the sport media industry (i.e., television, internet sites, public relations, newspapers, radio, Twitter and magazines). Students learn the basics of game summaries, keeping accurate statistics, conducting interviews, structuring stories, incorporating quotes in sports media content, all while adhering to AP style and ethical standards of journalism and communications professionals.

SPM 3843 
Contemporary Sports Media. Prerequisite(s): MC 2003 AND 2023 with grade of "C" or better in both, minimum grade of 70 on Language Proficiency Exam. Contemporary Sports Media will examine ethical and cultural considerations of the sports media as they pertain to sports gambling, drugs in sports, athletes and crime, privacy of athletes, gender and race in sports, international sports, labor issues in sports, and how the Internet is changing sports coverage.

SPM 3853
 Advanced Sports Writing. Lab 2. Prerequisite(s): SPM 2843 and 3813 and MMJ 3263 with grade of "C" or better in each; and a minimum grade of 70 on the Language Exam. Advanced sports writing and reporting, which includes a wide variety of writing and reporting assignments, leading to an emphasis on enterprise and investigative reporting, as well as long-form features. Final projects should be of such quality to serve as the lead products in individual student portfolios.

SPM 3863 
Electronic Sports Reporting. Lab 2. Prerequisite(s): MMJ 3263 with a grade of "C" or better; MMJ 3153 or concurrent enrollment and a minimum grade of 70 on the Language Exam. Introduces students to various types of radio and television sports stories in the media. Students will learn to write in the aural style for broadcast/Web cast format. The course will emphasize other performance situations, such as producing and anchoring radio and television sportscasts. Students will be graded based on a combination of projects and testing.

SPM 4053 
Sports Announcing. Lab 2. Prerequisite(s): MMJ 3153 and SPM 3863 with a grade of "C" or better or concurrent enrollment in both; and a minimum grade of 70 on the Language Exam. Focuses on the theory and practice of electronic media sports coverage, with an emphasis on the role, skills and practices of radio and TV sports announcers and electronic sports media journalism. The class includes play-by-play broadcasts and a class project.

SPM 4560
 Specialized Sports Media Applications. 3 credits, max 6. Prerequisite(s): 2843 and SC 3353 or MMJ 3263 or MMJ 3153 with a grade of "C" or better; and a minimum grade of 70 on the Language Exam. Professional sports media at an advanced level. Special topics in areas such as sports media production, announcing, performance; sports feature, column and editorial writing. Course content varies by semester. No credit for students in MC 5560 during same semester or with same subtitle.

SPM 4560 Sports Information Systems. 3 credits. Prerequisites: MMJ 3263 or SPM 3813 or SC 3353. This course teaches basic skills needd to work in sport public relations/sport media relations. Students produce their own media guides, learn how to write press releases, basic AP Style sportswriting, Stat Crew software, keep and record statistics, and best practices and strategies for using social media and handling crises communication in sports.

SPM 4813 
Sports Media Production. Lab 2. Prerequisite(s): 2843 and MMJ 3263 and MMJ 3913 with a grade of "C" or better; and a minimum grade 70 on the Language Exam. After completing this course students will be able to develop, write, pre-produce, produce, perform as talent and post-produce programming for broadcast sports media. By becoming proficient with specific production and performance techniques, you will be qualified to pursue an internship and/or employment with a media organization.

SPM 4883 
Sports in the Newsroom. Lab 2. Prerequisite(s): 3863 and either 3853 or 4813 each with a grade of "C" or better; a grade of 70 or better on Language Exam. Capstone course for multimedia sports majors, giving them the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned to a final project that will be coordinated with a media outlet with the goal of publication. In addition, students will work on writing for print and electronic media, multimedia sports programming, management skills, and ethics and cultural issues in sports media.

SPM 4933
 Advanced Sports Public Relations. Prerequisite(s): SC 3783 and SC 3953 and SC 3353 with "C" or better in each; and a minimum grade of 70 on the Language Proficiency Exam. Capstone course providing a study of relevant issues practitioners face in today’s sports industry. Covers the scope and effect of sports on society and culture.

MMJ 3913  Sports Field Production. Lab 2. Prerequisite(s): 3153 with a grade of “C” or better; and a minimum grade of 70 on the Language Exam. Video production techniques, including camera, audio, lighting, staging, producing, post production, graphics and on-camera performance are taught in sections specifically for sports media majors. Focus is placed on producing sporting events.


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